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Deep learning

Deep learning

Expertise in developing DL frameworks and libraries at various companies used for training, testing, and deployment.



Speech plays a key role in reaching the next billion users. Acoustic model and meta-models are improving the lives of millions of people.



Understanding human languages can be tricky for computers. Semantic and phonetic embeddings are the link between text and numbers.



Vision is the art of seeing invisible. Reasearch and development in Computer Vision is happing at tremendous rate.



Data is the new raw material for the businesses today. Click-prediction and recommendation are the backbone of this industry.



AI is useful only when it serves people efficiently. Infra should support deployment on both server and client (mobile) side.



Plots and visualization techniques can help in understanding what model is learning and how it is helping in achieving our goals.



AI is not just about models. It is a cycle of collecting, storing, cleaning, transforming, annotating, learning, testing, debugging, and deploying.



Users want low latencies and providers want low cost. Knowledge of CPU (SIMD), and GPU (CUDA/OCL) can help achieve that.

Recent Articles

Automate your GitHub Pages deployment using Actions preview

Automate your GitHub Pages deployment using Actions

  • github
  • web

GitHub provides a free public static webpage hosting using the GitHub servers. It also provides a free domain by the name of username.github.io. You can automate the deployment using GitHub Actions easily. In this article, we will learn how to deploy the site build by a static site generator named Gatsby.

A love letter of a physicist preview

A love letter of a physicist

  • physics
  • literature

I was going through some of my old stuff and I stumbled upon my grandpa's notebook. He was an engineer that loves physics. He was an avid reader and a poet. In the notebook, he had written many quotes from the great philosophers like Plato and Aristotle. I have also found an amazing letter.

Create a fast static site in React using Gatsby preview

Create a fast static site in React using Gatsby

  • javascript
  • web

The absence of middleman/database makes the static site much faster and reliable. They can be deployed using static servers like Netlify, Github, etc. So, they are much more secured and require very little maintenance. Gatsby is a React based open-source framework that can be used to create static sites.

Passwordless SSH and Jump servers preview

Passwordless SSH and Jump servers

  • shell
  • ssh

Secure Shell (SSH) is a cryptographic network protocol primarily used to do remote command-line, login, and remote command execution. In this post, we will learn how to connect to a remote machine with ssh without entering a password every time. We will also learn how to set up your ssh config for jump servers.

Pride & Patience (dragonball z painting) preview

Pride & Patience (dragonball z painting)

  • krita
  • painting
  • drawing
  • anime

A digital painting of a scene from Dragon Ball Z. This articles contains my though process, steps and brushes used to create a painting in krita. Krita is a cross-platform and free alternative to Photoshop for artists. Weather has been changed from sunny (in the original series) to thunderstorm to suit the mood.

Representing Matrix in C++ preview

Representing Matrix in C++

  • C++
  • matrix

Usually, we access elements of a 2D array, that is saved in a continuous memory like array[row*N+column]. Which is not as readable as array[row][column]. But a vector of vector has performance issues. This article shows an object-oriented way of representing a matrix as a C++ class without losing performance.

Animation using HTML5 and javascript preview

Animation using HTML5 and javascript

  • javascript
  • animation
  • graphics

The HTML5 canvas element is very helpful in drawing graphics on the fly. Using javascript we can create various animations without relying on the flash or heavy GIF files. Due to security reasons Flash support is decreasing and canvas support is increasing. This article shows how to create matrix style animation.

GATE 2011 Solution preview

GATE 2011 Solution

  • GATE
  • computer science

This is my attempt to answer the questions appeared in GATE 2011 Computer Science paper. I cleared the exam with 35th rank. I have included some tips and reference books for the GATE aspirants. I have also tried to give an explanation for most of the solutions.

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